3-Color Change Liquid Neutralizer for Acid Spills - SKU 410001

3-Color Change Liquid Neutralizer for Acid Spills - SKU 410001



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  • Color Change process lets you know when Acids are safe to handle-Minimize the Risk! Many aggressive liquid spills involve hazardous acids that require a way to render them safe for final clean-up and disposal in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. KOLOR-SAFE® Neutralizers meet this requirement.
  • Expires 3 years from manufacturing date listed on inner label


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SKU 410001
Product Name 3-Color Change Liquid Neutralizer for Acid Spills
Brand Spilfyter® by NPS Corp
Fluids Absorbed Acids
Sub Brand Kolor-Safe
Product Length (in/ft) -
Product Width (in) -
Sheets/Feet per roll or package -
Pack Count 12
Product Color -
Bonding / Embossing -
Ply Count / Layers -
Perforations -
Product "Weight" / Density -
Total Absorbency (Gal) -
Total Absorbency (Ltr) -
Master Packaging Quart Bottle
Inner Packaging Quart Bottle
Packaging Option 1 Branded Box
Packaging Option 2 -
Components / Product Construction -
Cases Per Layer 13
Cases High 4
Pallet Configuration 52
Ship Cube Width 8.86999999999999
Ship Cube Length 14.5
Ship Cube Height 10.5
Ship Cube 0.7815
Case Weight (lb) 31
Case Weight (Kg) 14
NMFC 178120
ECCN 1C350
Ship Class 70
Barcode 410001
UPC 065410520487
Pallet Dimensions & Full Weight 48 x 40 x 44.; 1678lbs
SDS Available? Y
Youtube Video Embed Link 1ILmhWBWios

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