Great NPS Corp Benefits Include:

Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision Insurance Programs

Employees can select from medical, dental & vision plans which allows them to select plans that fit their individual or family needs at an attractive contributory rate. Employee contributions are payroll deducted every 2 weeks based off of a tiered program derived from your HRA score.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

A voluntary company paid benefit that is available certain times of the year. The HRA score determines what premium an employee will be paying for the Medical Benefit. Scores range from Platinum, Gold, Silver, Standard, and Non-Participant/Tobacco ranking. THE HIGHER YOU SCORE, THE LESS YOU PAY!

Health Savings Account (HSA)

This benefit is provided with all of our qualified High Deductible Plans. NPS contributes $650 for single coverage, $1300 for family coverage per year.

Employer Paid Benefits

Term Life Insurance.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance.
Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance.
Fitness facility reimbursement—10 visits per month entitle an employee to $20.00 reimbursement. (done on a quarterly basis).
Employee Assistance Program is offered to employees and immediate family.

401(K) Investment Program

Investment deferrals subject to federally mandated limits. NPS will match 100% of the first 2% and 50% of the next 4% of employee contribution. Maximum match is 4.00% of gross earnings after a total 6% contribution or more.


NPS offers up to 2 weeks vacation for all full-time employees after only a 60 day introductory eligibility period.


New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
The Friday following Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Two (2) Personal Holidays

Tuition Reimbursement

NPS encourages its employees to continue their education by attending seminars and taking courses through an accredited institution of higher learning.

Safety Shoe / Safety Glass Reimbursement

NPS is committed to providing it's employees with a safe and healthy environment to protect against industrial injury.  The company will allow up to a $100 reimbursement per calendar year for safety shoes and glasses.

Employee Referral Program

NPS encourages our employees to promote the great atmosphere and positive experiences they encounter here.  Any referrals will be eligible for up to a $1000 finders fee.

Wellness Program

NPS encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing onsite nurse access for continued education along with our Reasonable Alternatives Standard (RAS).

Employee Purchasing

Employees are allowed to purchase NPS products for their personal use at a fair price and a uniform corporate-wide discount price.


***This is meant to give a brief summary of the benefit programs offered by NPS. These programs are subject to modification or termination at any time with or without advance notice***